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Group Financial Services
Employee Overview
Group savings plans are established by your company to help you save for a specific goal, like retirement, buying a house or planning for the vacation of a lifetime.

What is a group savings plan?

A group savings plan is a collection of individual investment accounts administered by your Employer on behalf of all the contributors (the group). Group savings plans combine the benefits of an individual investment account with the potential benefits of employer contribution matching, tax and time-saving features.

How do I know if my company has a group savings plan with RBC?

To find out if your company has an RBC group savings plan, simply:

  • Call us at 1-800-ROYAL®1-1 (1-800-769-2511) and ask if your employer in on our list of plans
  • Visit one of our branches and ask if your employer is on our list of plans
  • Talk to your human resources department

What are my responsibilities as an employee?

As a member of a group savings plan, you have certain responsibilities when establishing and maintaining your investments. These responsibilities include:

  • Educating yourself about your investment options.
  • Making investment decisions within the plan.
  • Deciding how much to contribute to your plan.
  • Choosing how to allocate your contributions to the various investments available.
  • Deciding whether various investments should be moved to other options.
  • Reviewing and evaluating your investments on an ongoing basis.

To help you meet your requirements, RBC provides qualified investment professionals1 to address any questions you may have and guide you through the investment process. We sit down and review your personal requirements, then help you build a well-diversified portfolio specifically tailored to your individual needs.

What Plan Types are Available at RBC?

 Royal Choices Group Retirement Savings Plan (Group RSP)
This plan enables you to contribute to an RSP through the convenience of payroll deductions.

 Royal Choices Group Investment Account (GIA)
A non-registered group savings plan helps you save for a variety of goals from sabbaticals and education to home ownership and home improvement projects.

 Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)
A DPSP lets your employer transfer pre-tax profits to you plan.

What resources are available to me

You have access to an enrollment kit that provides information on your plan including its purpose, how to enroll, how your plan is administered and your investment options.

You also have access to education materials, tools and calculators to help you with the investment selection process which can be accessed below or through the Quick Links provided on the left of the page.

And as always, you can call us at 1-800-ROYAL®1-1 (1-800-769-2511) any time to ask questions or find out information on the investment options available to you.

See how your savings can grow

Contributing regularly to your RBC group savings plan can really pay. To see how, try our investment and retirement calculators.

Your Next Step

We're committed to offering you the help you need, when you need it. Reaching us is as easy as picking up the phone. Our Royal Direct service is free and available seven days a week.

To find out if your company has an RBC group savings plan or to start taking advantage of it, simply:

  • Call us at 1-800-ROYAL®1-1 (1-800-769-2511), or
  • Visit one of our branches to open your account today

1 There is no investment advice provided for plan members selecting the RBC Direct Investing account option within a Royal Choices Plan.

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